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Our story

Teddy & Beer

Afbeelding van Ons verhaal

Our story

Teddy & Beer

Teddy & Beer was founded by Leonie (33). During her maternity leave, she made a pacifier blanket for her baby daughter Julie James (summer 2019) and because she got so many nice reactions to it, she decided to create an Instagram account. One thing led to another and a short time later there was a webshop.


The real breakthrough came at the end of 2020, when the personalized blankets were launched, within a few hours all the fabric was sold out. After several months of getting a lot of help from friends and family, it was time to take things a little more professionally. Since the spring of 2021, Teddy & Beer is no longer a hobby but a real business with employees and several studios.


Meanwhile, Leonie has become a mother for the second time of little son Lauren Lewis (fall 2022) and his birth has given her even more inspiration for beautiful items! This she likes to share with you and she wants to make sure that every baby comes into contact with Teddy & Beer's fine products!

We have the mission to provide all children in the Netherlands and far beyond with a beautiful and unique te item..

All of our items are made from the very finest high quality fabrics, a keepsake for every little one!

Our team

Teddy & Beer

Marieke, Marijke and Annerie lovingly make the blankets, sheets, wrapping cloths, bags and weaning cloths in local workshops in North Holland. Marieke, Anouk, Ivana, Fiene and Didde embroider the names on the smaller items with extreme precision and Anouk and Didde then wrap your packages beautifully!

There is also a team of Web Designers who make sure Teddy & Beer is marketed in the right way. Fiene writes a blog for our Journal every 2 weeks.

Besides all the people working directly for Teddy & Bear, we also do production in Turkey and work a lot with other wonderful brands like Frigg, Blue Barn Jeans, Petit Noé, Moon & Maya, Studio Noos, Alwero and Ilmaha. We are always open to adding new brands, do you have a suggestion? Send an email to [email protected]

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